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TOR Net : whale5lzktydxdyf.onion

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TOR Mixer : Online

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WhaleMixer Best and Safest Bitcoin Mixer

WhaleMixer dispenses freshly mined coins from the farm

Our automated system accept coins into our system and we send new mixed coins from our mining rigs

We cut the bitcoin and alt coin from traceability from preying eyes to ensure your privacy

To learn more about our privacy mechanism, click on the Learn More button below or start mixing now

WhaleMixer cryptocurrency tumbler mixer supported coins

Supported Cryptocurrency Coins

We mix 6 different Cryptocurrencies in our mixer

LiteCoin LTC
Bitcoin BTC
BitcoinCash BCH
Zcash ZEC
Monero XMR

Available Fresh Coins

Bitcoin BTC - 967.05

LiteCoin LTC - 0 (Sold Out)

BitcoinCash - 9638.61

Dash DASH - 399.15

Zcash ZEC - 1986.87

Monero XMR - 23903.36


What we offer

Logless Transactions

Logs are destroyed automatically after transaction complete

Two Pools System

We have a receiving pool and a sending pool

Low Service Fee

Our Service fee is random between 1.00% - 2.99%

Talkless Database

Receiving and sending databases are saparated

Variable Receive Time

Random delay between 5 minutes - 6 hours to enhance privacy

Multi Crypto Support

We currently support 6 different coins

SSL Protected

Our sites are protected from data leaks

Farm Mixed Fresh

Coins are freshly mixed from our mining farms

Fast Support

We reply all our clients within 1-24 hours and we suport PGP encryption

Fully Automated

Our sites is fully automated to ensure highest level of privacy

High Volume Mixing

Our Reserve holds high volume of fresh coins for mixing

The highest level of protection

We take privacy protection seriously as this is our core business

No Registration required

We do not collect personal data and no registration required

Letter of Guarantee

You can check the guarantee letter at our check status page

Onion Site Friendly

Our services is also available on TOR network for better privacy

WhaleMixer Pricing

Minimum mixing 25 USD

Mixing fee between 1.00%-2.99%

Mix up to 3 address at one time

WhaleMixer Warrant Canary

We confirm that we take full control of our infrastructure. It has never been compromised or suffered a data breach.
We have not disclosed any information of our users, and we have not been forced to modify our system to allow access or data leakage to a third party of any kind.

As of 2021/07/28 we state the following:

We have NOT received any National Security letters;
We have NOT received any gag orders;
We have NOT received any warrants from any government organization.
We are 100% committed to our zero-logs policy — we never log the activities of our users to ensure their ultimate privacy and security.